Professional Accomplishments

General & Operations Management
Strategic & Tactical Planning
Sales Management & Market Development
Technical Expertise

General and Operations Management

Contracted as an independent industry expert to facilitate merger and acquisition discussions between two major environmental testing networks 
(by the parent companies) to identify, value and sanity check negotiation and benefits to shareholders of a potential resultant company.
Planned, implemented and managed a reorganization of a $10 million dollar laboratory operation by restructuring the market segments and operations. This program effectively reduced losses from 1.5M in 1991 to 0.1M in 1992. This was accomplished by changing the operations into a team based structure, restricting products to three main lines and focusing on decreasing turnaround time, holding time violation and giving responsive service to clients.
Successfully planned and implemented closure of Enseco's Cambridge Laboratory operation. This delicate project was accomplished within budget estimates, while minimizing risk to Enseco and retaining/transferring over 75% of the client base to the Somerset facility. This project is expected to save an estimated $3.75M over two years.
Increased operating margins at the Somerset facility by 35% from 1991 to 1992. This was accomplished by consolidating functions between operations and growth by expansion of client base.
Organized two distinct and separate laboratory management groups into one cohesive management team for the entire eastern region. This allowed us to save an estimated $450K in cost by consolidation.
Successfully initiate, develop and operate a start up consulting operations company within the highly competitive and financially distressed environmental testing industry; focused on helping environmental companies increase operating performance. Analytical Excellence, Inc. (AEX) has been in existence for only four(4) short years during which AEX has developed a network of twelve(12) professional associates, an nationwide client base of environmental labs, instrument manufacturers, legal representation firms, product testing labs and engineering consulting firms. AEX continues to have double digit growth, remain financially stable and healthy.


Strategic and Tactical Planning

Developed a tactical retooling plan designed to dramatically improve productivity and efficiency in operations using results based TQM (KRI's and measure/display), cycle time reduction (IMPACT) and problem solving techniques to increase utilization. Implementation required 18 months and was estimated to net $5.0 M in savings and incremental margins by 1997.
Devised and implemented a regional plan to strategically refocus sales territories toward more profitable market segments (eg. federal facilities and DOD) capitalizing on size and service differentiation.
Initiated and directed a network wide program to portal projects and samples between laboratories, assisting in load leveling between facilities decreasing overtime during peaks and valleys and increasing service to clients.


Sales Management and Market Development

Developed a Sales and Marketing plan to strategically increase the DOD market segment in Enseco's Eastern and Wadsworth regions from 8% of sales to 40% of sales in three years. 1994 estimates based on plan are for a 300% increase over 1993.
Directed the opening of a new geographic territory, increasing sales 
by $1.0 M in one year.
Pioneered development and role out of a system to value engineer the project management function within Enseco's network. Established a framework and network wide system entitled "Prospecting for Enseco Gold" to increase service and responsiveness to clients and increase reoccurring sales based on relationships with project managers.


Technical Expertise

Qualified and accepted as an expert witness in environmental chemistry and/or laboratory operations in several states including New Jersey, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.
Completed training and approved to conduct Assessments of Quality Systems according to International Standards (ISO) 9000 series standards and Guide 25 for laboratories by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation and National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia .
Completed training and approved as a laboratory assessor for Environmental Lead under the USEPA program standards.
Developed and maintain a credible technical reputation as a leader in the industry with USEPA and various state agencies. Called upon to review methods, policies and regulations prior to implementation by a number of agencies and organizations.
Developed and successfully managed a vertical laboratory organization, a lab within a lab (work group), within a much larger horizontal organization to increase service, reduce costs and remain contract compliant for USEPA CLP contract and NJDEP contract work.
Conducted a quality assessment and development of Correction Action plan to implement systems for decreasing holding time violations.
Conducted a quality/technical assessment and recommended establishment of systems to correct a Cure notice and challenge to laboratories integrity and credibility. Worked with the relevant Agency to preserve clients reputation as a valued supplier.
Constructed a program of Measure and Display of Key performance indicators to assist laboratory management in developing and administering a continuous improvement program.
Invited as a speaker at technical and industry conferences presenting on such topics as laboratory operations, sales management and industry outlook and trends.
Negotiated revisions to superfund consent order and QAPJP changes to analytical scheme saving over $150K in clean up costs.
Designed a sampling and analysis plan to save a major PRP group over 
$1.0M in testing costs.
Installed as a charter member of the NJDEPE Laboratory Advisory Council establishing a technical communications link between the laboratories and government on policy and regulations.
Managed industry trade organization's efforts toward obtaining National Accreditation for environmental laboratories. Established a committee process and organization that IAETL is using as a model for all committee activities.
Co-founded the first state chapter of IAETL in New Jersey. Developed an organizational model for all future state chapters that has been adopted by IAETL's Board of Directors.

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