Recent Accomplishments

The true test of success and
value rests with accomplishments.

Listed below are just a few of our more recent  accomplishments for clients. 
AEX recommends practical  solutions with measurable results.

Contracted by a Fortune 1000 parent company to assembled a team of technical and legal experts and conduct an independent investigation of an environmental laboratory accused of fraudulent behavior on government contracts. Report was used to minimize company exposure and to enter into a settlement agreement.
Implemented systems and tools in a GC/MS Semivolatile department to increase on time delivery from 40% to 98%.
Re-engineer the Inorganics departments of a major laboratory providing recommendations to double or triple capacity without any increase in headcount or outlay of capital for 12 months.
Conducted an operations review and assessment that enabled management to save five(5) FTEs by eliminating redundant non value steps in processes.
Facilitated a cross function team to redesign the customer service/project management function to be 80% focused on customer contact by value engineering operations and data review duties to a minimum.
Conducted a quality assessment and development of Correction Action plan to implement systems for decreasing holding time violations.
Conducted a quality/technical assessment and recommended establishment of systems to correct a Cure notice and challenge to laboratories integrity and credibility. Worked with the relevant Agency to preserve clients reputation as valued supplier.
Constructed a program of Measure and Display of Key performance indicators to assist management in developing and administering a continuous improvement program.
Assisted a major instrument manufacturer in evaluation and entrance into a new market segment using specialized technology for the laboratory community.
Assisted a major environmental laboratory to have a government suspension lifted by critically reviewing laboratory operation and showing present responsibility
Have conducted for clients over nine(9) detailed prevention assessments to help management enhance systems, practices and procedures and thereby minimize exposure of fraudulent behaviors.
Critically reviewed, evaluated and consulted for over fifty(50) laboratories in matters of compliance, productivity, business development and quality systems.
Contracted by the Board of Directors of a major third party accreditor to develop business and marketing practices to further capitalize on particular markets.
Contracted by the parent companies of two leading laboratory networks to facilitate merger discussions between the management team of the two companies.
Advise a major instrument manufacturer to rationalize the feasibility of further developing automated products for direct field testing.
Assist an environmental laboratory company to develop systems, practices and procedures to comply with a major DOD program, thereby allowing them entrance into a new lucrative market segment.
Provided expert consultation to five(5) companies regarding the feasibility of closing laboratory operations and the process for orderly and economical shutdown.

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