Service Offerings

AEX provides immediate value to clients with customized services in seven major areas

Quality Systems (QS) Assessment and 
Cost-effective (QS) Development

The market place continues to change. The opportunities presented by multinational corporations operating globally as well as domestic initiatives are all pointing toward developing Quality Systems in accordance with ISO/IEC guidelines. Laboratory Approval Programs (i.e. NELAC, USCOE, NAVY, AFCEE, etc.) are rapidly moving toward "quality systems." AEX experts are intimately familiar with all of these standards, actually having been involved in developing a number of them. Each is an experienced laboratory manager or QA officer and are trained as assessors by internationally and nationally recognized organizations.

AEX critically evaluates companies’ systems, practices and procedures to help our clients assure a cost-effective operation by providing recommendations and practical solutions for strengthening a company’s quality system and to assist clients in meeting the stringent requirements associated with the above approval program.


Minimizing Exposure and  Risk 
of Government Actions  

In these tough times, laboratories are constantly being scrutinized by regulators for allegations of wrongdoing. There is a very fine line between actions being considered mistakes, poor judgment, civil wrongdoing or criminal behavior. The impact on business and reputation can and will be devastating to even a strongly profitable operation. These are "bet your business" situations that must be handled properly to minimize exposure and cost. Surviving requires understanding, planning and management of the crisis Prevention’ beats ‘damage control’ any day and costs a lot less! AEX provides services that:

critically and objectively assess systems, practices and operational procedures recommending prevention tools and strategies to deter and detect improper behaviors,
assist in successfully resolving and steering through challenges by government actions,
provide comprehensive and critical investigations to determine present responsibility.


Training, Facilitation, and Management  

As consolidations continues, as clients become more demanding and as laboratory approval programs become more complex, the real competitive edge comes by having the best trained analysts, supervisors and managers. AEX provides solid and practical technical, quality and business oriented training programs that provide immediate value and superior ‘take home’ advantage. Take advantage of our experienced trainers all whom have operated a successful laboratory operation. AEX has developed a number of customized training modules. Here are a few of the more popular offerings:

Management through Quality Systems"

"Practical Ethics and Integrity for Laboratory analysts and managers"

"Developing Company Values -Getting Everyone's Buy-in and Pointing North."

"Enhancing Operations through Measure and Display"

"Simplified laboratory Quality Assurance Practices"

" Fraud Prevention Practices for Management"


Excellence in Laboratory Operations 

Continuous improvement that increases throughput, decrease errors, cost, waste and rework while delighting customers with superior service. Through initial Laboratory assessments, determine process "gaps" and solutions using manufacturing industry tools, performance monitoring and systems development. Become the Preferred Low Cost Provider of Value to Clients.


Commercial  (Sales and Strategic Market) Development

Are you in the ‘right’ niche markets to exploit your strengths? What new markets will drive your business in the next years? What should my sales staff be doing?

Development of sound Sales, Marketing and Customer Service programs are critical to continually support and drive efficient operations. Determine the correct market segments using industry, customer, survey and competitive data to target the "high profit" customer segments and differentiate yourself from the pack.


Data User Support and Successful  Project Set-up

Data Quality Objectives(DQOs) are best met by successful up-front planning, sound technical expertise and communication. AEX’s experts have extensive technical and regulatory expertise in all aspects of environmental analytical testing, sampling, Quality Assurance and project planning. Background in applications to support CERCLA, SARA, RCRA, SDWA and CWA. Qualified as an expert witness in several states.


Regulatory Liaison, 
Communication  and Support

Technical, regulatory and laboratory expertise to help assure smooth effective communication to resolve data challenges, Cure notices and performance discrepancies. Independent assessments of "root" causes and recommendation on practical solutions through quality management systems. "Damage Control" While Minimizing Conflict.


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