Areas of Expertise

The AEX Difference is 
Experience and Results

Analytical Excellence, Inc. is different from other management consultants. AEX uses a "hands-on" approach to solving your particular business challenges, working with your talented staff and making recommendations based on years of experience managing laboratory operations.


AEX's expertise provides the
following competitive edge:

First hand experience of over twenty(20) years of experience in the environmental laboratory business,
Access to a network of the best technical, operations and quality professionals, cumulatively over 100 years of experience, at your disposal to work on your particular challenges,
Access to key regulatory staff, enforcement officials and customer executives to get information and get the job done,
Experience having reviewed and worked with over fifty(50) laboratories and companies,
A proven track record in successfully managing laboratories in a change mode,
A focus on the environmental laboratory as a CORE business, not a sideline,
Experience in having "walked in your shoes" reporting to directly to shareholders,
Well rounded expertise in almost all facets of managing, producing, expanding and controlling modern environmental laboratories in this tough economy,
Extensive Technical, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Government Relations and Industry knowledge, and
A respected leader in this industry with a reputation based on technical expertise, integrity and credibility.

Analytical Excellence, Inc. Gets Results
(our Clients say so!)

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