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Analytical Excellence, Inc. (AEX) is an independent strictly confidential consulting firm of environmental experts, chemists and engineers. AEX enables our clients to manage the change process while continuing to focus precious management resources on servicing customers. AEX helps management take a critical look at ways to dramatically improve service to clients and reduce the cost of supplying those services. By looking "completely differently" at the way products and services are generated, companies achieve client satisfaction and superior shareholder return. AEX was founded in 1993 as a start up consulting operations company within the highly competitive and financially distressed environmental testing industry. AEX focuses on helping companies, predominantly environmental companies, establish quality systems, increase operating performance, establish business and marketing programs and reduce business risk and liability. 

AEX specializes in providing consulting services, audits, business evaluations and in recommending practical solutions to solve difficult problems with laboratory operations, quality systems, technical analyzes and all matters concerning the generation of analytical data to support effective compliance decision making and aspects of litigation. AEX provides services related to business management, process controls, quality systems management, regulatory compliance, data review and liaison with government agencies to support data acceptance. AEX's clientele consist of well known small and large laboratory companies, instrument manufacturers, engineering firms and legal firms.

AEX routinely provides technical support and analysis on a variety of levels and in conjunction with interpretation of data for necessary regulatory agencies. AEX is an active in a number of industry activities and professional associations. AEX’s principle is an invited speaker at technical and industry conferences presenting on such topics as laboratory operations, sales management and industry outlook and trends. AEX experts are routinely called upon to provide method/policy reviews for a number of government agencies, quality organizations, publications and industry.

AEX Mission Statement

AEX has the right resources at the right time to the best value and superior returns to the shareholders.

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